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U9/U10 Overview

U9/U10 - Games start at 8:45 AM, 10:15 AM, 11:45 AM OR 1:15 PM
Please check your schedule each week for your game time

 25 minute half
10 minute halftime

The U9 thru U12 age groups use a size 4 ball   

1. 7v7 Coed. (6 + Keeper v 6 + Keeper)
    *If teams do not have enough subs and BOTH coaches agree, then the match can be played 6v6.  Head referee must agree and record decision.
2. Minimum 50% playing time*
3. Keeper [Must change keeper at the half]
4. Offsides is called
5. Handling is called 
6. Throw ins must be done correctly or possession goes to the other team
7. Game will be played with a Referee
8. Coaches must coach from opposite side of spectators and only on their half of the field.  No coaching beyond the 18 yard box.
9. Substitutions:
   a. Can only occur when you have possession on a dead ball or when the opposing side substitutes
   b. Goal kick
   c. No substitutions during a Corner Kick
   d. Players should enter & exit the field at the midfield line
10. Teams should change sides at the halfway point
11. No slide tackles
12. When a goal kick is done all opposing team must move back to Midfield. (as soon as ball is played they can move forward)
13. Forfeit Rule- Can not start a match with less than 5 players
14. Age ups- No more than 2 age-ups. Cannot have more age-ups than the opponent has subs.
15. If you are down by 4 goals, you may add a player; If you are down 6 goals, you may add 1 more additional player.
       - if no longer down by 6 goals, remove last added; If no longer down by 4 goals, teams go back to even strength.
16. YELLOW CARD - player must be substituted.  3 Yellows = Red Card & player is ejected.
17. RED CARD - 1st red card issued, out remainder of game and ½ next game. 2nd red card issued, out remainder of game and out next whole game.
18. No heading of the ball in games or practice per NCYSA recommendations. 

**Please review our 50% Playing Time Guideline

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