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U9/U10 Overview

U9/U10 - Games start at 10:15 AM, 11:45 AM or 1:15 PM

25 minute half

10 minute halftime

The U9 thru U12 age groups use a size 4 ball   

  1. 7v7 Coed (6 + Keeper v 6 + Keeper)
        *If teams do not have enough subs and BOTH coaches agree, then the match can be played 6v6.  Head referee must agree and record decision.
  2. Game will be officiated by Referees
  3. Minimum 50% playing time*
  4. Keeper [Must change keeper at the half]
  5. Offsides is called
  6. Handling is called
  7. Throw ins must be done correctly or possession goes to the other team
  8. Coaches must coach from opposite side of spectators and only on their half of the field.  No coaching beyond the 18 yard box.
  9. Substitutions:

       a. Can only occur when you have possession on a dead ball or when the opposing side substitutes
       b. Goal kick

       c. No substitutions during a Corner Kick
       d. Players should enter & exit the field at the midfield line

  10. Teams should change sides at the halfway point
  11. No slide tackles
  12. When a goal kick is done all opposing team must move back to Midfield. (as soon as ball is played they can move forward)
  13. Forfeit Rule - Can not start a match with less than 5 players
  14. Age ups - No more than 2 age-ups. Cannot have more age-ups than the opponent has subs.
  15. If you are down by 4 goals, you may add a player; If you are down 6 goals, you may add 1 more additional player.
    - if no longer down by 6 goals, remove last added; If no longer down by 4 goals, teams go back to even strength.
  16. YELLOW CARD - player must be substituted.  3 Yellows = Red Card & player is ejected.
  17. RED CARD - 1st red card issued, out remainder of game and ½ next game. 2nd red card issued, out remainder of game and out next whole game.
  18. No heading of the ball in games or practice per NCYSA recommendations. 

**Please review our 50% Playing Time Guideline

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