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Kiddie Kickers Program

The Goal of the Kiddie Kickers program at Franklin Wake Soccer Club is to introduce the game of soccer to 3 years olds in a way that is fun, low pressure and very affirming. While doing this we will be slowly moving them away from "clinging" to the parent while on the training field.  Our program is designed for this to be the beginning of youth soccer and to prepare them for U5 soccer where they will have structured practices and organized games on Saturday mornings.

Each Kiddie Kicker 6 week session (Fall or Spring) is conducted by a volunteer coach and supervised by the Director.  Lesson plans will be age appropriate and involve directional movement with a ball at the feet, agility movements, good sportsmanship and each session will end with a "game" using the skills that were worked on in the first 20 minutes.

We will keep the child to Coach ratio to around 6:1 and the first couple of weeks parental involvement will be important. By week 3 the player should need less parental supervision and be more responsive to the Kiddie Kicker instructor. However, we always encourage the parents to remain "close by" as these are still 3 year olds.

Your child will need the following for a successful Kiddie Kicker session:
Size 3 properly inflated soccer ball
Shin Guards
Water or sports drink 

A typical session will look like this:

warm up and excitement up! -- 5 minutes
Agility & directional movement  - 10 minutes
Skill development (dribbling, cone movements, shooting at goals) - 15 minutes
Games -- 15 minutes

Each Kiddie Kicker Session (FALL / SPRING) is offered at $75. The child will receive a jersey.

At the conclusion of the FALL Kiddie Kickers your child "may" be ready to move up to the U5 age group for Spring (at a reduced Recreation Fee Rate). This will be based upon their physical size and, equally as important, their ability to remain focused for a full 45 minute KK session. If they are not ready they can return for the Spring Kiddie Kicker session for $55. The following year they will be moving to the U5 age group, where they will participate in a structured practice before a shortened game each Saturday morning for 8 weeks per season.

If you have additional questions regarding the Kiddie Kickers program at Franklin Wake Soccer Club please reach out to our Board. 

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