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Age Up Players (AUP)


In a time of need coaches may request age up players (AUP) for their team.  Coaches should pre-approve these AUP’s with a FWSC board member.  AUP players are for regular season league games and will not be allowed for tournament play.

Rules to determine need of Age Up Players:
  1. Regular roster player being absent for a league game for any reason.
  2. Regular roster players being absent due to injury.
  3. Team roster lacking the players to field the required numbers for league play.

Rules to request players for Age Up Play:
  1. Contact the Coaching Director before Thursday of the schedule game week for assistance. If you find yourself short on day of game find a Board Member to get approval (this should be the exception rather than the rule).

Rules for game play of Age Up Players:
  1. Only players from the age group immediately below the team's division are allowed to play as AUP’s. (i.e. U11/U12 age group coaches may only request players from U9//U10 division)
  2. No team playing with AUP’s may have more total players than the team they are playing against. (i.e. if a team draws two AUP’s and the other team has one less player then one AUP must be dismissed)
  3. All roster players or Age Up Players will continue to play 50% of playing time.
  4. Only two Age Up Players are allowed per game.
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