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Coaches, here are some helpful tools as you think through bringing your team along in the skills needed to enjoy and grow in soccer. 

SoccerXpert - This website has a ton of information and drills. You can view drills by age or by drill type under the soccer drills tab. Under the soccer tips tab, there are different topics to help you as a Coach in different areas of the game, such as Planning Soccer Practices, Offensive Tactics, Defensive Tactics, and many more.

NCYSA - NCYSA is our sanctioning body. They have put together Practice plans based on format of play, and then by topic. For example, you can chose 9v9 from the link, and then pick something you want to work on, ex: Regain Possession in Attacking Half. There would be a practice plan with several drills relating to that topic.

US Youth Soccer - Provides lesson plans by age group and skill/technique you want to work on. Ex. 10 and under, with a practice plan for Foot Coordination & Speed.

These are just a few of websites that you can use to get ideas of drills to use for practice.

Helpful Tips

  1. Always have plan for practice. Be prepared - don't worry about having the perfect plan. Just have a plan to keep you from wasting time and helping yourself know you've covered what you want your team to grow in.
  2. Try to incorporate drills where all the players are participating. In order to keep players engaged, try not to have a single line where players are going one at a time. The players in line start to lose interest and pay attention to other things. Keep as many of them engaged at one time.
  3. Most importantly...Have Fun Coaching and the athletes will too!

North Carolina Youth Soccer Association US Youth Soccer


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